ITT Engineered Valves


A leading distributor and supplier of the ITT Engineered Valves, Carrier & Sandstedt offers the complete ITT line of products to
customers in the Chicago, Illinois, Wisconsin, Northern Indiana, Southern Michigan areas, along with large national manufacturers and
OEM’s. Manufactured by the ITT Engineered Valves Group, they are proven performers for handling process media across the
industrial landscape.

Fabri-Valve® Knife Gate Valves are proven performers for handling process fluids for the pulp and paper, chemical, petroleum, refining,
mining, waste water, power, oil sands, and marine industries. We understand the rigors of the fluids, gases and slurries that flow
through your piping systems. Our valves substantially reduce downtime and maintenance costs and consistently outlive their payback

Dia-Flo Diaphragm Valves are engineered for tough applications in the chemical processing, mining, power generation, pulp and paper,
and water treatment industries. Dia-Flo weir-type diaphragm valves are utilized to handle media which is corrosive, erosive, or contains
solids which tend to clog other types of valves. The weir-style diaphragm valve is used effectively as a control valve or where manual
throttling of a fluid is desired.

Skotch Trifecta Valve Systems are specifically designed to provide safe and reliable shutoff for fuel gas and oil service. These valve
systems have been utilized for over 25 years and are in service on boilers and burners around the world. Custom built for each
application, these valves have gained extensive usage in many industries including power generation, pulp and paper, refining,
chemical process, pharmaceutical/bioprocessing and pollution control.

Cam Line Ball Valves are engineered to provide the very best performance for demanding hazardous and corrosive applications.
Designed to overcome such inherent valve problems as high operating torque and stem leakage, The Cam Line ball valves feature a
unique, non-spherical ball with a bevel at the lip of the port. This configuration minimizes pressure on the seating areas, thus reducing
cold flow and prolonging seat life.

Offering unmatched quality, value, and service, ITT Engineered Valves are built with your needs in mind and can be tailored to your
specific application. To learn more about how they can help you substantially reduce downtime and maintenance costs, contact us

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