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Authorized Supplier & Distributor of Ershigs Fiber Reinforced Plastic Tanks, Vessels, & Piping

As a supplier of Ershigs fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) products for over 30 years, at Carrier & Sandstedt, we are able to provide customers in the Chicago, Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, Northern Indiana, Southern Michigan areas and large national manufacturers and OEM's with this high grade line of tanks, vessels, and piping. Ershigs and its parent company Denali Inc. are the largest manufacturers of FRP tanks and vessels, and an industry leader in FRP products. In addition to tanks and vessels up to 120' in diameter, Ershigs also manufactures complete piping systems, scrubbers, chimney stacks, and specialty products.

Ershigs has been focused on the production of high quality fiber reinforced plastic products since 1960, and have existed as a company since 1921. The result is highly developed and engineered products, made from cutting edge materials and processes. From concept and development, to construction and maintenance, Ershigs is a single source solution.

To learn more about Ershigs complete product line and capabilities, contact us directly.

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