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Distributor & Supplier of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Tanks from Ershigs, Belco, and Fabricated Plastics

Carrier & Sandstedt has worked with Ershigs, Belco Manufacturing and Fabricated plastics for more than 30 years. These companies offer fiberglass tanks that are the products of choice when corrosion resistance, strength, and safety are important. Here at Carrier & Sandstedt, we offer a diverse range of products by several leaders in fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks for our customers in the Illinois, Wisconsin, Northern Indiana, Southern Michigan areas and large national manufacturers and OEM's.

  • These tanks have served the pulp & paper, municipal, and chemical industries since 1960, and are produced with quality controlled procedures in our plants. They meet ASTM, SPI, and AWWA standards for chemical process tanks.
  • These three manufacturers can custom fabricate tanks to meet virtually any storage or process requirement, constructed with polyester, vinyl ester, novalac vinyl ester, and other resin systems using fire retardant resins.
  • These innovative companies take pride in exploring and testing new plastic materials since 1962. Their state-of-the-art equipment includes computer controlled thermoplastic sheet bending machines for FRP products, and can produce tanks up to 30 feet in diameter and 60 feet high.

These products are used extensively in the manufacturing, maintenance, food & beverage, plating, and transportation industries. To learn more about the benefits of this high quality product, contact us directly.

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FRP Tanks Product Information & Brochures

Belco Manufacturing Brochure
Ershigs Large Diameter Field Tank Brochure
Ershigs Tanks Brochure

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